Visual Governance

Visual GRC is an Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance system which visually integrates its framework components through a dynamic web-based graphically intuitive user environment to optimize user experience and provide unsurpassed value to the Organization.

The Visual GRC Framework components provide a modular foundation to integrated Enterprise governance. Visual GRC provides Enterprises the ability to visually define their entity structures, manage business process, policy and procedure documentation; helps you create risk control matrices dynamically by dragging and dropping business objectives, identified risks and your mitigating controls with unprecedented ease of use and visualization; completely integrates Enterprise-wide audit related activities and work-papers with a full electronic document management system; and keeps your Enterprise informed at all times with real time risk performance and management assurance dashboards.

Visual GRC integrates the following components:

Entity Structure Visualization – Many global Enterprises are composed of multiple legal entities spread over various geographic areas, with many business units, and very complex reporting structures and each having their own set of legal and regulatory compliance requirements. Visual GRC enables Organizations to tailor the GRC framework to their individual entity needs, regardless of size, complexity, or resources by visually creating an organization chart which links all the entities together with their proper reporting structure using our the advanced drag and drop web-based technology.

Legal and Regulatory Frameworks – Visual GRC modular design lets you create, customize or simply use our ready to use plug-in compliance frameworks for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 (SOX), COSO, COSO ERM, CobIT, or ISO 17799. The Visual GRC’s integration of your regulatory compliance requirements enables you to identify where you have overlapping areas and lets you maximize your resources across your Enterprise by providing you Business Intelligence reports and analysis.

Task Management – Visual GRC helps your Organization prevent duplicate projects or related tasks, track actual resources, and see real-time project status. Integration with the Business Intelligence reporting module enhances the ability to see real time project management dashboards, track project key performance metrics, reduce compliance costs by integrating related project activities, identify project and tasks owners, and be informed and responsive to project activities.

Business Process, Policy and Procedure Documentation Management – Visual GRC provides you with a centralized document management system to keep track of your Enterprise policies. Maintain proper document version control, automate policy approval workflow processes, retain policy documentation updates and changes, categorize your policy documentation to fit your Enterprise, and automatically notify compliance supporting staff of policy and procedure changes.

Risk Assessment –Visual GRC provides numerous risk attributes, in addition to customizable scales, to properly represent their occurrence likelihood, business impact, classification, associated business processes and systems, calculated financial impact, and other critical information necessary to identify the proper risk mitigation.

Risk and Performance Management – Visual GRC provides you a complete risk and performance structure to manage your Enterprise compliance framework. Integration of Enterprise risk assessment, business process, and policy and procedure management enables the user dynamically create risk control matrices through an intuitive drag and drop style interface that helps you accelerate your compliance effort. Visual GRC provides you a fully integrated governance life cycle system to manage all aspects of your Enterprise risk-base compliance framework.

Business Intelligence Reporting – Visual GRC lets you dissect all governance related information the way you chose. With a fully integrated Business Intelligence reporting engine, you will be able to analyze, find, correlate, and manage your Enterprise governance efforts much more efficiently. From knowing real-time testing results, to identifying all governance initiatives based on region, line of business, regulatory compliance requirements, or any other variable, Visual GRC Business Intelligence reports will help you manage the wealth of information so that you can make better decisions and provide accurate information.

Information and Communication – Visual GRC keeps you and everyone else informed of what is happening, who is doing it, and what needs to be done. Our user customizable portal provides each user with a list of My Tasks and other governance activities to ensure everyone is well informed of what actions they need to take. The Visual GRC system efficiently integrates action item routing, document approvals, project tasks, business process activities, and other wealth of information and provides notification alerts to ensure timely action and compliance.

Visual GRC offers the following system features to maximize the user experience, integrate the Enterprise governance risk and compliance framework, and manage vast amounts of information

A dynamic web-based graphical intuitive user environment enhances the user’s ability to maximize operability of the application and efficiently manage large amounts of information. Visual GRC employs the latest web technology to effectively present the information through a Web 2.0 rich user interface.

Customizable and flexible role-based system security – Visual GRC has been design to fit the needs of small to large Enterprise organizations. In order to maintain adequate system security and protect the confidentiality of your data, a role-based security structure has been implemented. The security structure provides pre-defined user roles to maintain application security and data confidentiality. This allows management to access, view and properly utilize compliance information without having excessive rights to other critical functions such as editing testing result data.

Flexible Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance structure – Visual GRC provides a consistent framework and structure to design and manage all your Governance activities. Whether you are a services provider Firm or a large Enterprise, ensuring consistency of your Governance documentation, methodology, and approach is critical. Visual GRC has been developed using real-world proven methodologies and best practice standards. Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance templates integrate COSO and Cobit frameworks that have been successfully implemented in real Organizations to achieve compliance. To learn more, read our Visual GRC Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Framework White Paper.

Customizable application rules – Visual GRC provides balance between the framework structure and its established methodology with certain degree of personalization that can be configured in the system. While proper practices require that documents are drafted, reviewed and subsequently approved to ensure completeness and authorization, you can customize the Visual GRC system rules to automatically approve documents once they have been reviewed.  This level of system customization allows Visual GRC to reflect your Enterprise existing processes and standards. You can chose from multiple customization parameters such as default system language, currency, time formats to more complex rules such as automated document workflow management, task notification, and issue management alerting.

Web-based service architecture – Visual GRC has been designed using a multi-tier scalable web-based architecture to support large Enterprise installations or allow smaller Organizations to easily leverage our Application Service Provider solution to begin reaping the benefits of this extraordinary governance, risk and compliance integrated system without having to increase on-site technical support staff or additional system platforms. Visual GRC maximizes the user experience, system functionality and adds intuitive operation through the use of Web 2.0 components such as dynamic drag and drop and fisheye.

Electronic document eco-friendly system – Anyone who has conducted a full Enterprise audit knows the amounts of paperwork that is produced, and more importantly, how much is plain waste! Visual GRC allows you to execute a full electronic audit by giving you the flexibility to import all your electronic workpapers in numerous formats, providing electronic signature capability to maintain documents in electronic formats with appropriate approvals, and even create on-line reports that can be reviewed and saved electronically to minimize the impact to the environment.

Data import tools – Automating your Governance Risk Compliance effort does not mean you are starting from scratch. Visual GRC allows you to import data from spreadsheets, databases, text files and other formats to leverage existing work, and avoid duplication of efforts.

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