System Integration Planning & Consulting

One of the main technological challenges of any company deals with the interaction between different systems for the delivery of complete, transparent and relevant information in real-time to the entire organization's members.

Our company operates in two environments recognized as facilitators for this capacity and provides integration services for:

  • ERP Implementation & Integration
  • ECM Implementation & Integration

ERP Implementation (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The term ERP is associated with all implicit systems, designed to plan and manages the use of resources in an organization. An ideal model of an ERP system typically involves all the basic business functions in a integrated manner and uses hardware and software components, without regard of the type of organization that is going to used it.

Our services range from the total or partial implementation cycle of these systems, to the implementation of external interfaces to other systems not connected to the ERP platform.

ECM Implementation (Enterprise Content Management)

Every company needs a suitable environment to facilitate collaboration among its members.
The task in simple terms requires tools or systems that enable the management and distribution of content among different groups of people with a defined purpose, regulated or controlled by rules, responsibilities and procedures to actively involve all stakeholders.

ECM or Enterprise Content Management refers to any strategy or technology related to managing, capturing, storing, securing, versioning, verifying, distributing, preserving or destroying documents or content using information technology.

Our experience as developers and integrators of ECM allows us to understand your needs and assist you in using this technology in your business.