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What is SugarCRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is understood as Managing Customer Relations, but is so generic as any phrase in English but for better understanding basically refers to a business strategy aimed at achieving identify, manage customer data so as well trade relations, loyalty, sales, etc.

In short, a CRM system can be defined as one that manages the capture, storage and analysis of data relating to business management, and internal procedures executed.


SugarCRM - Managing Customer Relations


One of the biggest concerns of a business enterprise refers to the relationship with their customers. The quality of service, exploitation of opportunities, marketing initiatives, the trend analysis are just some of the issues surrounding the use of a CRM System Administration (relating to Customer) or the administration of Customer Relations.


Its main benefit is that it allows for the detailed information about each one of the prospects and customers of the organization


SugarCRM, distributed under the licensing scheme "Open Source" is a comprehensive, integrated CRM system. For this, based management features in the following business needs for the tasks of marketing:


Reports relevant to proactive management of all activities.



  • Design and control of multilevel marketing.
  • Coordination and oversight of resources during the sales cycle.
  • Delivery of services with diligence and calidad.Colaboración and communication for the achievement of objectives.
  • Adaptability to different business scenarios or situations.


Check the sales work, determine the effectiveness of their campaigns, evaluate the efficiency of their staff and take advantage of business opportunities, get these and other benefits businesses by implementing this solution.