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BI Platform - Data Integration

Provides valuable information distributed in different applications and databases, it is often difficult or impossible for users to obtain a clear and integrated vision of the services provided to customers, sales performance, internal efficiency and overall performance, etc.



The integration and analysis of data in a BI platform allows end users interact with panels and WEB 2.0 applications.

Get answers faster and make better business decisions

  • Drive integrated reports to analyze information and make sound decisions on time.
  • Integrate information from multiple sources for reporting or analysis.
  • Reduce workgroup efforts and internal collaborators.
  • Minimize the costs of your company with a secure and flexible tool for any line of business.
  • Quick adaptability of the system for an effective return on investment (ROI).
  • Integration with business applications pre-composed and / or custom applications.
  • Internationalized, localized, and multi-lingual for global positioning.
  • Maintain user security.
  • Integration with standard portals, applications, etc.


Data Mining
Is the processing of data by sophisticated algorithms to discover patterns and correlations that would not be visible, it can be used to understand and exploit a future event through predictive analysis.
For example, data mining can warn if there is a high probability that a customer does not pay on time based on customers with similar characteristics, namely:

  • Discover hidden patterns and relationships in data.
  • Predict future events by historical standards.


No matter if you only require reports or consoles, or search for a full suite of business intelligence, we offer according to your needs.

Panels and Web applications

Driven by modern interactive Web 2.0 technology and various functions of continuous information data sources, users can perform their own queries and reporting needs without relying on developers to create reports and analysis.

It's as simple as dragging and dropping tables in reports and Web designer based panels. You can also use Web applications URL directional content such as maps, videos and content from other business applications.



Data Analysis (OLAP)
Jaspersoft OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), is made to analyze information stored in warehouses or data subsets, thanks to that users can concentrate their efforts on information tabulated and planned.