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¿What is ERP?

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning, Corporate Resources Planning.

The ERP systems of the enterprise are information management systems that integrate and automate many business practices associated with the operational aspects of a business or productive.

The most remarkable of an ERP is that unifies and organizes all corporate information in one place, so your enterprise to respond faster to problems or opportunities presented to it so any event is visible, with order to make better decisions more quickly and safely to their business processes and strategies, so you get the reduced total costs of the operation.

Characteristics of an ERP:

  • These systems are integral
    To control the different processes of the company's understanding that all departments of a company relate to each other, ie the result of a process is the starting point of the next.
  • These systems are modular
    One advantage is the economic and technical functionality is divided into modules according to customer requirements. Example: sales, materials, finance, warehouse control, human resources, etc.
  • Are adaptive systems
    For example, to control inventories, a company may need to handle the partition of lots but no other company.


Openbravo ERP


Openbravo ERP, distributed under the licensing scheme "Open Source" is a complete ERP system, fully integrated Web-based and aimed at small and medium businesses looking for a high-value proposition of lower costs than those obtained with other systems commercial licensing and proprietary source code and inaccessible.

It is currently available in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and others.

JOTA Technologies is the sole partner and localizer of Openbravo ERP in Peru and Ecuador, adapting to the laws of each country (accounting, tax and labor), and with implementations in other countries.


Openbravo Why?

Openbravo enables companies to seamlessly manage their daily operations, optimize business processes, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately increase profitability.

Native Web Application
Openbravo is designed to run natively on the Web, enabling universal access and providing security and ease of access through any web browser.

Fully functional
Openbravo includes a wide range of functionalities of extended ERP solutions and integrates advanced customer management or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence).

Truly integrated, truly an ERP

Openbravo ERP is designed as a standard: the different functions share the same architecture, philosophy, rules and user interface, integrating between them naturally.

Free Software
Openbravo is distributed under an OpenSource class license at no cost for use and providing access to source code and free to modify to suit your needs, with total vendor independence.

Revolutionary Architecture
Openbravo is designed based on a revolutionary architecture that results in a more efficient way to develop applications.

Adapted to your needs
After defining the requirements and business processes in a few weeks is possible to have a fully operational system tailored to their needs.

Includes robust functionality for:

  • Records Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Facilities Management Projects
  • Production Management
  • Management of Sales and Client Management (CRM)
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll (Peru)
  • Human Resources
  • Business Intelligence

Take control and be the real owner of business system, assume only the cost of services when needed, during the period in which the need, we will assist in the process.

The functionality of Openbravo is in continual development with the growing international community of users, partners and developers. Openbravo helps companies who use it to manage their daily operations, optimize business processes, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately increase profitability. Openbravo gives the customer total control without any contractual relationship or license level.

Openbravo is a winner in 2007 of the prize 'Red Herring 100 Europe Award'.

To learn more about Openbravo invite you to visit their website at www.openbravo.com