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Alfresco ECM - Enterprise Content Management

At present, the content distribution requirements for regulatory purposes or organization are essential part of any process, utility and importance of such tools is justified by itself, and we can provide you with services for implementation.

Web Solution 100% free software, enterprise content management, document management extends to respond to the life cycle in full, not just documents but all the contents of an organization. It is suited to companies from all sectors: insurance, clinics, hospitals, health institutions, finance, industrial, commercial, private and public institutions, ministries, municipalities, universities, schools, etc.


Alfresco is one of the most recognized applications in the delivery of these functions, also allowing the configuration of features that can be adapted to specific needs of each business.

"Reduce costs, improve security and increase customer satisfaction"


More agile, better results



Users who manage ECM are more efficient and productive thanks to the independence of their physical location, "no more office full of papers."

Alfresco ECM Features

  • Content Manager and Web documents - available immediately and updated information.
  • Open Source: no licensing costs.
  • Audit of the management of documents.
  • Image Manager and scanning documents.
  • Document Version Management.
  • Workflows: automates the review and approval of documents.
  • Development of templates for data collection.
  • GUI based web browsers.
  • Desktop Integration with Microsoft Office and Openoffice.org

Benefits of implementing ALFRESCO ECM

  • Optimize the response time in accessing documents / files.
  • Reduce time in the process of documentary management, through the capture and digitization of documents (eg correspondence, billing, contracts, records, files, reports, tests, evaluations, customer data, etc.).
  • Protect the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of documents.
  • Restriction of access and modifications to user document level and profile.
  • Delete unnecessary documents in a controlled and programmed according to regulations.
  • Follow-up tasks, availability of reports, or custom search. Consultation document status or management situation.
  • Integration with automatic identification technologies (eg bar codes).

Standards adopted in different economic sectors, through the use of ALFRESCO

  • ISO 15489:2001: define the efficient and systematic control, creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposal of physical and digital content.
  • HEALTH:  HIPAA (Health Industry Privacy Protection Act) regulatory standard of confidentiality of medical records.
  • Pharmaceutical:  FDA (Food and Drug Administration): Department of Health agency U.S. Government which oversees and regulates the safety of food, vitamin supplements, medicines, vaccines, biological products, etc.
  • INSURANCE AND BROKERAGE:  SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission): education office and assistance to investors to prevent and deter fraud.