The formal development of any application, is aimed at providing a functionality and eventually achieving goals for which it will be committed. Factors that commonly affect the development process are:

  • Defective, incomplete, unclear, subjective or not verifiable requirements.
  • Unreal development agenda, many tasks to be perform in a reduced time frame.
  • Inadequate testing, everything is fine until the users complain or the application stops working
  • Unplanned escalation, new functionalities added during the development process
  • Lack of communication when those responsible for development are unaware of what is required or users have the wrong expectations.

To alleviate these problems, we provide two services that tackle these problems and provide assurance of a final product in line with the expectations.

Testing Systems (Software Testing): Applies to the relative value that is established by the evaluation or comparison against product specifications. It relates to factors that consider assessing adherence and satisfaction in relation to the specifications, safety, capacity, unit, efficiency, portability, maintenance, compatibility and usability.

We execute our testing consistent with the functionality to be checked and at any level (unit, integration, functional system, sociability and acceptance)

Quality Assurance (Quality Assurance): More than the quality of the final product, this work involves investigation of the development process in all its phases (design, programming, control sources, revisions, change control, configuration and versioning). It is a planned and systematic approach to quality assessment or adherence to standards, procedures and processes.

Jota Technologies helps you achieve a final product quality as a result of the implementation of this process throughout the development cycle.