Regulations and Standards

Any company concerned with the current market demands, recognizes the importance of demonstrating its operational capabilities and the proper conduct of its activities. Regulations and standards allow not only demonstrating this, but also integrating components and tools to achieve them.

Although both definitions are closely linked in the business environment, in general, they can be referred as suitable guidelines for achieving "best practices", recognized and accepted within the specific context in which they are established.

Our company provides services for achieving the following standards and regulations:

  • SOX or "Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Approved in 2002 is part of the United States legislation, which regulates corporate behavior on issues such as auditing, corporate governance, risk assessment and financial reporting.
  • ISO17799: Provides for security standards set forth under "Information Technology-Security Techniques - Code of Practices for the Management of Information Security"
  • Basel II: The second of the "Basel" agreements, is an international standard that serves reference for regulators to construct a regulatory framework about the amount of capital that must be reserved by banks to protect themselves from financial or operational risks.
  • COBIT: IT risks.
  • COSO: Financial risks.
  • ITIL:  IT Governance