Enterprise Solutions

In this area we place Application Solutions implementations that serve specialized controls, administration or exploitation of business functions or resources and empower their usage.

Our offerings are based in key business categories aimed at improving levels of productivity and management in the enterprise.

  • ERP  :  Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM :  Customer Relationship Management
  • BI      :  Business Intelligence
  • POS :  Point of Sale
  • ERM :  Enterprise Risk Management
  • ECM :  Enterprise Content Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • SOA Integration

Through numerous enterprise solutions we provide services related to the implementation, integration, upgrade, and maintenance of enterprise class systems, while leaning towards solutions distributed under the “Open Source” licensing scheme.

Jota Technologies can help you examine you business needs and  evaluate apropriate application solutions that will addresses concrete needs. In context with our services, Enterprise solutions are complementary applications and systems that solves specific business needs in the enterprise.

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