Corporate Governance

Corporate governance translates into leadership and management. Allows objective alignment with business plans and forces the company to be informed in order to maintain or alter its activities.

Corporate governance provides the link between all those who maintain an interest in the organization, from which the directors, managers and regulatory authorities, are considered the most important and relevant to the governance activities.

The governance of business should include:

  • Recognition of the general and legal obligations to everyone with interests in the company.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the executive and management authorities.
  • Business guidance subject to ethical and integrity principles.
  • Full and transparent disclosure of reports and information related to the organization management and status.

The primary objective relates to the legal, fiduciary and executive liability of executive and management entities for the policies and mechanisms that ensure the proper direction of the organization and the investor’s protection.

This responsibility extends beyond the organization for judicial or criminal liabilities against managers or executives, in cases in which negligence or failure to comply with regulatory guidelines for the business management is suspected.

Our services define and enable the operational framework for establishing effective corporate governance. We work closely with our customers to maintain the principles for corporate governance using methodologies based on regulations, recognized "best practices" and business standards.